Get Slimmer in Hours with Infra-Slim

Who wouldn’t love a slimmer, tighter body for that trip to the beach? Innovative Medical Technologies offers the Infra-Slim Body Contouring System®. Infra-Slim is a revolutionary infrared slimming system that uses infrared heat plus pressure therapy to help rid the body of fat cell toxins which equates to losing inches. It’s a relaxing treatment that cleanses your body from the inside out, increasing your energy and making you feel exuberant.

What is Infrared Slimming?

Similar to a full-body, heated blood pressure cuff, the Infra-Slim system delivers infrared warming combined with modulating pressure that simulates a deep massage. Studies have long shown that infrared heat quickly and painlessly penetrates about 1 ½ inches into the body and heats from the inside out. This process shrinks fat cells by liquefying fat and toxins, which are then flushed from the body through the normal lymphatic and elimination process.

The pressure from the Infra-Slim System is designed to simulate a deep massage to reach below the surface of the skin. During infrared pressure therapy, each cuff of the suit will fill with air, sending light pressure and increasing circulation to all areas of the body. This system of compression and decompression duplicates the action of massage. When you mix the infrared heat with deep pressure, you get amazing, life-changing results!

Infrared Slimming Benefits

The incredible results of Infra-Slim include a flatter waist and tummy, and smaller thighs, buttocks, and arms. Results have shown reductions of 1” in the waistline in as little as 1 to 2 sessions, and as much as 4-5 inches overall in 8 sessions.

Infra-Slim & Pain Relief

In addition to the slimming benefits, we have just as many clients who come to us for Infra-Slim pain relief. Many have seen improvements in circulation, reduction of edema, and relief of neuropathic numbness and pain. They also report a noticeable reduction in pain, an increase in energy, and a feeling of well-being. It’s a win-win!

The Benefits of the Infra-Slim System

  • Lose inches from any area of your body – waist, tummy, arms, thighs, buttocks
  • Detox
  • Increase circulation
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Edema relief
  • Improvement in neuropathic pain and numbness
  • Overall pain relief
  • Increase in energy and stamina
  • Feelings of well-being, relaxation, and joy

 Free Consultation for Infra-Slim

With all of these amazing, health benefits and a reduction in inches, you have every incentive to treat yourself to relaxing, 30-minute Infra-Slim treatment today! As your premier MedSpa in Central Illinois, we are proud to offer only the most effective and reliable health and beauty treatments available to give you the best results possible.

To find out if Infra-Slim is the right fit for you, contact us today for your free consultation (Yes – a free appointment!) with Dr. Fisher. His thoughtful manner and thorough knowledge are just a couple of reasons our clients love IMT. He listens and cares that the results of our services exceed your expectations.

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