December 2017

Start Your Resolution Now!

Are you already thinking about your New Year’s Resolution?

If weight loss is your resolution, start the year ahead of the game. Research options, make plans, set goals and decide now to avoid gaining weight during the holidays. Read More…

November 2017

8 Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holiday season is challenging for everyone! Staying on track with healthy eating choices can seem like an impossible task, especially during this time of year. But, excess pounds don’t just disappear once January rolls around … and you don’t want to start the new year with having to lose weight, do you?

Well, you don’t have to! Follow these eight tips to keep your weight down while enjoying tasty holiday treats this season: Read More…

October 2017

Prevention & Detection

It can be easy to forget or not make time for something.

But you can’t ignore breast cancer. Excluding cancers of the skin, it’s the most common cancer among women. No woman is immune from the possibility of getting it. Read More…